I Turned My Back on Everything I Knew. Here’s Why

As I’m writing this, I’m in Mykonos, a small party island in Greece. I have been travelling for almost three weeks, and will be travelling indefinitely, because everything I do and everywhere I go, I’m travelling. And I’m travelling alone. This trip wasn’t supposed to play out like this. On March 23, my husband Jason and I were supposed to pack our bags for a short, two-week trip to Germany, Amsterdam and Brussels for his … Read More

Is Your Life Crazy Right Now? Here’s How to Keep Moving Forward

I’m currently working from a flat in Athens, where I’ll be for the next two days before I take off on a flight to Malta. After spending a week in Malta, I’ll spend a night in Istanbul before heading off to Austin. From there, I’ll spend whirlwind two weeks in Vancouver, another week in Austin, and another week in Vancouver before heading off to South America indefinitely. I’m officially a vagabond (or, as I like to … Read More

The 2-Step Process to Guaranteed Success With Anything

When you start anything, it’s easy to get impatient with it’s growth. Whether you’re trying to start a business, pick up a new habit, or learn a new skill, chances are you probably want to get it done as quickly as possible. And that’s because growth is intoxicating, isn’t it? Seeing the numbers improve. Knowing you’re responsible for that growth. Reaching your goals. But when it’s not going so well? When the number on the scale … Read More