6 Crazy-Simple Steps to Starting a Blog

On Monday I gave you a challenge… Judging by the emails, comments and even Facebook messages I got since issuing it, you guys love to be challenged.  If you’re too lazy to click the link above (or maybe so riveted by every word I write that you can’t bear to tear your eyes away), the challenge was to start a blog. My decision five and a half years ago to put fingers to keys and … Read More

3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Choose a Blog Topic

On Monday, I gave you a challenge. Many of you accepted it – some of you shouted that you’re in the comments section, and some of you emailed me and let me know on Facebook. The challenge was (if you’re too lazy to click back and don’t remember) to do one thing this week and month that will, if done consistently, change your life. It is to do one thing that I did five and … Read More

Here’s Why You Need to Start a Blog NOW

Really quickly, guys… What do these three blogs have in common? Money After Graduation Simple Green Smoothies Zen Habits If you guessed topic, you’re wrong. Ha.  The right answer is that all of the bloggers behind these websites used their blogs to launch a lucrative career in their topic of interest. They’re not alone, either. There are thousands of others who have left corporate careers and work they don’t love to pursue blogging full time (or … Read More