How to Find Your Calling and Pursue It with Jeff Goins

how to find and follow passions

Have you ever wondered how to find your calling? What it looks like to pursue your life’s work and lead a meaningful life and career? I’m so excited to publish this episode with Jeff Goins about finding and pursuing your calling, the future of work, and how to allocate your resources to make the most impact. Jeff just launched an amazing book called The Art of Work, where he writes about a lot of the … Read More

Building a Profitable Business in an Unusual Niche with Anthony Metivier

Profitable Business Niche

This week we’re chatting about how to maximize the potential for reaching people, meeting people where they are, and not doing anything that you can’t repurpose. I’m excited to interview Anthony Metivier, who is a friend and an inspiring entrepreneur in a very interesting niche. I’ll dig into Anthony’s business, how he got his start in such a small but interesting niche, and we even get a bit woo-woo for a portion of it – … Read More

Building a Career as a Blogger with Sue Anne Dunlevie

successful blogging career

Guys, today is a big day. It’s a big day, because today is the day is the launch day of the Unsettle podcast. I love a good podcast episode – in fact, I listen to them on 1.5x the speed so I can ingest even more podcast content – so it’s only natural for Unsettle to have a podcast as well. Every Thursday, a podcast episode will be released. You can expect interviews from great … Read More